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Animal Control Officer

Company: Cobb County Government

Position: Animal Control Officer II

Location: Marietta, GA

Salary: $16.16 - $25.86 per hour

Posted: 03/19/18

Closing Date: 03/25/18

Job Description: Serves as dispatcher, answering the phone, taking complaints, messages, entering data into the computer to update the status of a call and giving information to the public about animal control policies; maintains files and evidence for court cases. Provides food and water for animals in the kennel and maintains cages in a clean and sanitary manner; administers medication, vaccinations, and other procedures to insure the animal’s health; transports stray injured or sick animals to area vet clinics for evaluation and treatment.

Assists the public at the counter with adoption, reclaims, and other general information as required; answers telephone inquiries regarding specific animals and the operation of the kennels. Completes and updates description cards on each animal picked up to comply with state agriculture requirements.

Restrains wild and/or dangerous animals without harming the animal or employee. Operates the carbon monoxide euthanasia chamber to euthanize unadoptable animals.

Operates the incinerator to dispose of carcass of animal euthanized at the shelter, vet, or picked up dead on the roadway; Assists police and other governmental agencies by incinerating drugs and drug paraphernalia using the incinerator. Attends hearings and meetings to assist public on animal control issues to include Animal Control Board meetings, Town Hall meetings and Board of Commissioner meetings.

Testifies regarding animal control cases in Magistrate, State, Superior Courts and the Grand Jury. Conducts training at local schools and for civic groups and the general public on proper pet care and responsibility. Monitors the animals and reports any unusual behaviors or illness. Maintains and completes minor repairs to the property and equipment including the barn, barnyard area, gas chamber, incinerator and cooler area.

Assists the public at the counter with adoption, reclaims, and other general information as required; answers inquiries regarding specific animals and operation of the kennels. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Interested candidates may apply online at

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