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Demolition Laborer

Company: JHD Construction

Position: Demolition Laborer

Location: Atlanta, GA

Salary: $15/hr.

Posted: 03/28/18

Closing Date: Until Filled

Job Description: Skilled demolition laborers wanted with the ability to carry out commercial grade selective demolition "professionally". Attention to detail is a must as well as proficiency. Ability to operate tools and carry out task at a high level of productivity as needed with or without supervision is also required.


 Inspect and load product

 Physical lifting

 Good attention to detail

 Attention to safety

 Ability to work well within a team

 Ability to manage heavy loads and repetitive lifting in a safe manner


 Remove construction debris

 Perform other duties as required

 Ability to work demolition tools

 Excellent organizational and communication skills

 Flexibility to work all shifts, including evenings and weekends, as required

 Ability to lift and carry heavy material when needed

 Self-starter and highly motivated to make proactive changes

 Proactive, can-do attitude, with the ability to engage team members.

 Effective time management skills, able to prioritize workload and meet deadlines.

 Ability to work independently and harmoniously within in a team environment

 Must wear steel toe boots and standard PPE

**Must have your own vehicle to get to and from the project. There are no exceptions**

Interested candidates may apply online at

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