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International Admissions Counselor

Company: Life University

Position: International Admissions Counselor

Location: Marietta, GA

Posted: 03/29/18

Closing Date: Until Filled

Job Description: The International Admissions Counselor works with prospective, admitted and current students for all programs and with others involved in the college selection process in order to create meaningful connections. They perform various functions to develop relationships with prospective and current students, to understand their end goal(s), and to aid them in inquiring, applying, finding their “fit”, visiting, earning admission, enrolling and studying at Life University. They partner with students and other parties to facilitate the swift and smooth movement of applications through the submission, completion, evaluation, admissions and pre-enrollment process, and they provide personalized coaching and insight related to students’ admissibility and immigration related policies and procedures. They are involved in all aspects of admissions recruitment and counseling and all matters related to international student enrollment.


1. Report directly to Coordinator of International Programs and serve in the legal capacity as a Designated School Official, under SEVP and LIFE authorization.

2. Work independently and collaboratively to meet enrollment goals, with focused efforts on exemplary customer service, use of technology/systems, teamwork, accuracy and efficiency.

3. Communicate and engage with all constituents via all communication methods in order to effectively and accurately convey information about Life University, the application process, admission guidelines and criteria, on and off campus visits and events, and, when applicable, counsel individuals on admissibility for specific programs. This involves proactive communication and interaction and responding to calls, texts, emails, and visitors.

4. Communicate the University’s vision, mission, philosophies, and academic programs, as well as application, admission, pre-enrollment, and student service aspects.

5. Responsible for initiating, tracking and maintaining meaningful contact, leading to enrollment for all applicant types (e.g., undergraduates, graduates, or doctors of chiropractic).

6. Perform international credentials evaluation functions, based on applicable guidelines.

7. Proactively and collaboratively work to assist, guide, and counsel large volumes of individual prospective students in registering for recruitment events and/or tours, submitting and completing their application, understanding admission guidelines and criteria, gaining admission, earning applicable transfer credit, and moving through pre-enrollment and enrollment phases.

8. Prepare and deliver effective and professional presentations for all programs, including providing tours and more.

9. Represent the University and Office to a broad range of constituents at various functions and programs.

10. Understand and use the student information system and other software/databases, according to applicable practices and guidelines shared in training and documentation and stay current with practices, to facilitate the following: contact/communications, tracking activities, document/data tracking, record updates, application movement, evaluations, transfer credit, imaging, testing, decision-rendering, recruitment efforts, event and tour support, status/progress reporting and monitoring, and more.

11. Create and monitor reports related to assigned recruitment, counseling, enrollment functions in various computer systems.

12. Maintain authority to admit or deny students according to specific and general policies and procedures.

13. Demonstrate sensitivity in working with personal/confidential records and information, adhering to FERPA, USCIS, and other related practices and policies.

14. Participate in the planning, coordination, implementation, and assessment of recruitment and counseling functions and programs.

15. Perform territory management functions, with supervision and guidance of leadership.

16. Travel locally, nationally or globally and serve in variety of related roles, capacities, or functions.


1. Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution.

2. Two years of customer service experience.

3. Knowledge of and familiarity with international educational credentials and international admissions procedures

4. Ability to meet USCIS eligibility requirements of Designated School Official (DSO), be verified with SEVP as a U.S. Citizen or a lawful U.S. permanent resident.

5. Must be able and willing to travel in and out of the U.S.

Interested candidates may apply online at

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