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Company: City of Marietta Position: Mechanic Location: Marietta, GA Salary: $15.10 - $17.23 Posted: 05/07/18 Closing Date: 05/13/18 Job Description: This position performs mechanical repair and service on a variety of city/BLW vehicles and heavy equipment including autos, light trucks, and large diesel engines. Repairs both gas and diesel engines, and specialty equipment such as fire truck pumping systems, cranes/boom parts, and compressors. Performs diagnostic testing on electrical systems and vehicles with computer systems. This is the first of two certified Mechanic levels. To move to the higher levels, the mechanic is required to attain additional ASE certifications.

 Performs diagnostic testing and or problem solving in the repair of a variety of city/BLW vehicles and heavy equipment. Repairs or rebuilds both gas and diesel engines.  Performs diagnostic testing and or problem solving in the repair of specialty equipment including but not limited to fire truck water pumping systems, hydraulic systems such as cranes/boom, garbage truck compactors and small equipment such as air compressors, generators, tamps, chippers, boring machine, and electronic signal arrow boards.  Performs diagnostic testing and repair on vehicle electrical systems. Related electrical wiring repair and installation work includes emergency specialty equipment such as blue lights and high intensity strobes, and power packs.

Reviews vehicle or equipment manufacturer’s diagrams or the computer, to identify the correct replacement parts; arranges delivery with the supervisor.  Performs diagnostic testing and repair of emissions systems to meet Georgia state emission standards.  Performs scheduled preventative maintenance as assigned and reports list of items and parts repaired or replaced to the supervisor.  Performs occasional welding and fabrication of fire truck body parts as assigned.  Installs, replaces, or repairs police vehicle parts such as siren boxes, shotgun racks, security bars/screens, and fire truck apparatus such as ladders, hose reels, and other related equipment.  Cleans up work area after completion of each job and checks, cleans, and inventories shop tools.

Reports tool needs or problems to supervisor.  May be required to perform duties in other divisions within the department in certain circumstances, including, but not limited to periods of heavy workload, natural disasters, and city events. These duties should not require specialized training or certification, and will mostly involve tasks centered on manual labor.  Performs other duties as required.

Interested candidates may apply online at

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