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Juvenile Correctional Officer

Company: Dept. of Juvenile Justice Position: Juvenile Correctional Officer 1 – Marietta RYDC Location: Marietta, GA Salary: $27,936.00 - $29,150.10 Posted: 05/22/18 Closing Date: 05/31/18 Job Description: Under supervision, maintains custody and security of prisoners and other incarcerated offenders and maintains order in correctional institutions and other places of detention. Enforces all institutional policies, rules, procedures, and regulations. Enforces rules, regulations, and state laws necessary for control and management of offenders and the maintenance of public safety. Escorts offenders in transit and during temporary leaves. Guards facility entrances in order to screen visitors. Handles and trains canines for tracking, search and rescue, guard duty, detection of contraband. Inspects, inventories, maintains physical control of, logs keys, tools, weapons and related equipment. Maintains order, discipline, and security within assigned areas in accordance with relevant rules, regulations, policies and laws. Observes conduct and behavior of offenders to prevent disturbances and escapes. Oversees offenders during work assignments, meals, and recreation periods. Patrols assigned areas and report any problems. Prepares admission, program, releases, transfers and other reports. Responds to emergencies. Takes offenders in custody and escort to locations within and outside of the facility. Transports offenders to and from correctional facilities.

Interested candidates may apply online at for additional information

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