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GSU Groundskeeper

Company: Georgia State University Position: Groundskeeper I Location: Atlanta, GA Salary: $23,970

Posted: 09/27/18 End Date: 10/03/18 Job Description: This position is within the Building Services department of Facilities Management Services. Schedule: Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. Duties: Will perform landscape maintenance and installation tasks. Repairs basic grounds equipment. Fertilizes and chemically treats turf, shrubs and trees. Mows, weeds, waters, and removes trash.

 Mows, prunes, rakes, waters, trims and edges landscaping.  Walks assigned areas of campus, collecting and removing trash.  Cleans parking decks including the stairwells and elevators within the parking decks.  Applies fertilizer and insecticides to plant materials. Cleans campus fountain. Pressure washes campus area. Cleans outdoor furniture. Repairs basic equipment.  Installs new trees, flowers and shrubbery.  Performs plant set-ups for special events. Assists in inclement weather duties.  Performs other related assigned duties. Disclaimer: This job requisition provides a high-level job definition. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive or exclusive list of job duties. As such, job duties and/or responsibilities within the context of this job requisition may change at the discretion the employee’s direct supervisor. Qualifications: Must pass a criminal background check. A valid Georgia driver's license is required. High school diploma or GED preferred.

Interested candidates may email resume their resume to

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