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Railroad Safety Inspector

Company: Department of Transportation Position: Railroad Safety Inspector – Safety & Traffic Control Location: Atlanta, GA Salary: $73,375 to $100,175 per year Posted: 09/26/18 End Date: 10/09/18 Job Description: As a Railroad Safety Inspector (ST&C), you will enforce Federal safety and health regulations that are concern with signal and train control and highway crossing warning systems within an assigned territory as well as inspect for compliance with Federal laws, regulations, rules and standards and seek corrections for unsafe conditions pertaining to the installation, operation, maintenance or manufacturing of railroad signal and train control and highway-rail crossing warning systems.

As a Railroad Safety Inspector (S&TC) you will: o Plan and carry out an itinerary of periodic inspections of all signal and train control and highway-rail grade crossing warning systems in the territory to ensure that they are properly installed, operated, tested, and maintained. o Conduct investigations regarding complaints regarding unsafe or hazardous signal and train control or highway-rail grade crossing conditions; e.g. “false proceed signals”, “activation failures.”; as well as investigate independently or as part of a team, reportable collisions, derailments, and other accidents (especially those involving possible signals or train control failures); includes highway-rail grade crossing warning equipment when the accident involves on track railroad equipment and vehicle collision. o Evaluate railroads’ request to install, modify, or remove limited portions of a signal or train control system; e.g., redesign of several miles of automatic block signals; assists the Regional Signal Specialist in evaluating more complex requests by analyzing portions of the regional inspection plan and making preliminary recommendations.

This position is perfect for a mid-level professional with strong technical background in applying current Federal railroad safety standards pertaining to railroad signal systems and highway-rail grade crossing warning systems, as well as strong analytical and communication skills; and experience with conducting inspections pertaining to signal and train control systems and their capabilities and limitations; mission focused, and is looking for great health benefits and a stable work-life environment. Interested candidates may email their resume to for additional information

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